Problem E
Tug of War

A tug of war is to be arranged at the local office picnic. For the tug of war, the picnickers must be divided into two teams. Each person must be on one team or the other; the number of people on the two teams must not differ by more than $1$; the total weight of the people on each team should be as nearly equal as possible.


The first line of input contains $n$, the number of people at the picnic. $n$ lines follow. The first line gives the weight of person $1$; the second the weight of person $2$; and so on. Each weight is an integer between $1$ and $450$. There is at least $1$ and at most $100$ people at the picnic.


Your output will be a single line containing $2$ integers: the total weight of the people on one team, and the total weight of the people on the other team. If these numbers differ, give the lesser first.

Sample Input 1 Sample Output 1
190 200
CPU Time limit 2 seconds
Memory limit 1024 MB
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Source Waterloo Programming Contest 2000-09-30
License For educational use only

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