National University of Singapore

Alice in the Digital World

After returning from Wonderland, Alice needs to improve her scientific skills in the current digital world. Alice decides to participate the ACM - ICPC Asia Nha Trang Regional Contest 2016 to evaluate her actual performance. Her favorite problem in the contest is described below.

Given an array of positive integers $A = {a}_{1}, {a}_{2},\ldots , {a}_{n}$, a subarray ${A}_{i}^{j}$ of $A$ is a sequence of continuous elements in $A$, i.e., ${A}_{i}^{j} = {a}_{i}, {a}_{i+1},\ldots , {a}_{j}$ (where $1 \leq i \leq j \leq $ n). The weight of ${A}_{i}^{j}$ is the sum of all its elements, i.e., $\sum _{k=i}^{j} {a}_{k}$.

Given an integer $m$, your task is to find the maximum weight subarray of $A$ that contains only one $m$ as the minimum element. You can assume that $A$ always contains at least one element with value $m$.


The input consists of several datasets. The first line of the input contains the number of datasets, which is a positive number and is not greater than $20$. The following lines describe the datasets.

Each dataset is described by the following lines:

  • The first line contains two positive integers $n$ and $m$ where $n \leq {10}^{5}$ and $m \leq {2}^{6}$;

  • The second line contains $n$ positive integers, each with value at most ${2}^{6}$.


For each dataset, output the maximum weight.

Sample Input 1 Sample Output 1
6 2
1 3 2 6 2 4